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              Welcome to Lightwork for the Intuitive , a system of spiritually-based inquiry that creates linkages and integration between the parts of self (personal circle), spiritual alliances, and the evolutionary path of your being.  Realizing intentions for protection, healing and spiritual growth are a true possibility when combined with your established spiritual practice. 

                      Suellen Willi, LCSWfacilitates Lightwork by weaving the energy frequencies of form, light and color within the flow patterns that permeate our natural world.  Those who journey with Lightwork have an intuitive understanding of energy, are comfortable with heartspace intent and have a personal spiritual practice as a foundation for this exciting inquiry process.   Lightwork offers:
                 **deepening heartspace connection to all levels of self
                 **spiritual evolution for individuals and Circles
                 **transforming multi-level issues for self and healership
                 **clearing, nourishing and transforming land through heartspace intent 
                 **shielding and protection from electromagnetic and psychic interference                          **managing the energy field in all Circle work
                 **connection and transmission from spiritual teachers, mentors and 
                     universal energy through safe journey practices that preserve and 
                     nourish the body and mind.

     If you are drawn to this system of heartspace, intention, geometry, and universal light, open to bringing in these precepts to your spiritual practice and discover a revitalization of your being at all levels.  
                                                Blessings on your journey!